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Be the change.

Jamie Carney (AKA ZAMONDO) was born. Since then he has lived.

During his living period he is creating artwork. He uses things he sees and hears and imaginations in his brain for subject matter. He then uses technique and limbs to transfer to paper or canvas or something else.

At some point ZAMONDO will die. Until that time you can commission him to make art or purchase it here.

Art man lives on island
Wrapped in green and blue
He sees in black and white
and various color hue

Art man lives in a dream
a Bubble of floating space
He hears the touch of time
Etched upon his face

Art man come and art man go
Art man eats a raw mango
Art man paints and art man thinks
Art man eats and art man drinks

Art man, free
Art man, give
Art man, free
Art man, live

Art man lives out between
He is the dance of the plants
art man is not to be seen
he follows the path of the ants

live free art man
art man live free
live free art man
FREE free free free